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It seems almost overnight my garden has been taken over by an army of bad bugs! Now I am doing my best to organically garden, so don’t worry I will dump chemicals over these bugs and plants, but I am not going to just around as the circle of life takes place on my poor defenseless plant babies. The first to arrive were the armies of aphids. They’re gross looking little buggers that are all over my Brussels Sprouts’ leaves! IMG_1312

The have whole camps set up on quite a few plants. I looked up what the best organic way to deal with them was, and of course ladybugs are the best. Technically I could order some of these beneficial bugs online and unleash them on my garden and its unsuspecting invaders, but I read a lot of mixed reviews on this. A lot of people who got them said they all just flew away and they never saw a single ladybug in their garden since! Of course there are people who have lists of ways to get them to stay but I really didn’t want to pay for them when I don’t know if they’ll stick.

The second way was to just fill a spray bottle with soapy water and garlic and spray the buggers. The soap is what kills them, and the garlic supposedly repels them. Of course I couldn’t find an empty spray bottle for the life of me, and I was feeling much to lazy to run to the store just for a spray bottle so I emptied one half full air freshener bottle into another half full bottle of the same stuff. Then I mixed my ingredients in and had a weapon of supposed mass destruction. IMG_1337 (I put the label on so no one would accidentally spay garlic smell everywhere) While out looking at my plants I saw two more pests! IMG_1319

This first one I have no clue about! They look kind of like flies but they don’t fly away if you shoo at them. I had seen them before but didn’t think anything of them, but then I saw them absolutely covering one of my plants that seemed to be one of the most damaged. In fact this picture was supposed to be a “look, look I have beans growing!” picture, became a “Eww what are these” picture! IMG_1320

You can see two of them on here, although not super well. I have no clue what they are, or how to take care of them so I sprayed them with the aphid mix and am planning some intense research later.


This is a pretty obvious pest, a caterpillar or larva of some kind. You can see it sitting next to its own work. Not sure what bugs these guys would grow into, hopefully not a pollinator, but whatever they are there were tons! Of course wherever they were, there was swiss cheese leaves! I mostly just killed these guys by hand, they were pretty tiny, but I’m hoping the spray will fight them off a little too.

My very last pest I have no way to fight, it’s a little too cute for me to deal with:

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Look at her, just crushing a plant with her cute little tush! She likes to lay in the dirt for some reason and that usually means also on some part of a plant! But I think I’ll keep her around, she’s good company in the garden!