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So when I began having issues with my compost, I decided to try another type of compost I had seen around a lot. This was Vermicomposting, or composting using worms. Here is my original bin:

It is just a trash can with a bunch holes drilled into it that I have been using to put compost items in. I explained more of what I did in a previous post. I was having issues with this bin getting too wet and smelling pretty bad, I left it open for a day for some of the water to evaporate and didn’t add anything further to it for about a week. It was during this time I decided to look into getting a worm compost bin. It was also during this time that my bin must have righted the problems it was having! The more I get into this more I see how amazing nature truly is. It doesn’t smell anymore, and as I mixed it up I saw there was a lot more dirt and decomposed material than before! There was also definitely heat coming out of it too! So while I do now also have a worm bin, I have a big batch of compost that will be ready hopefully decently soon!

I ordered the worms off amazon, and bought the materials for a diy bin for them at target. I used this tutorial to make the bin:

Here is what mine looks like from the outside and inside. IMG_1304

You can even see two of the little worms climbing on the side of the bin! (the little paper they came with said this was normal) For now since I got a smaller amount of worms, only 250, I am not adding too much organic matter. They can eat about half they’re body weight in food each day, which is awesome, but not that helpful if you don’t have very many of them! This bin is smaller than my compost trash can, so if you’re thinking about getting a compost bin a worm bin may be better if you just have a small space.

All in all my composting is going very well! I definitely recommend starting a bin of your own! I know it would have been so nice to have a finished batch to mix into my soil before I started doing all of this. Even if you aren’t going to start gardening, help the planet a little bit and divert your food waste away from the landfills! My community isn’t one of them, but I know a lot of communities have community composts or compost workshops at their city hall.