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Everything seems to be growing well! My flowers are hopefully getting ready pop up at any moment as I keep finding more places to put them. All my veggies seem to be growing well, so far no tomatoes have sprouted, but I am holding hope for them. My cucumber remain to be the ones doing the best though, although I think the squash and watermelon are trying to catch up! I got iceberg lettuce and rainbow swiss chard just for the hell of it the other day so hopefully those grow as well. Displaying IMG_1299.JPGDisplaying IMG_1295.JPGDisplaying IMG_1297.JPGDisplaying IMG_1298.JPG

We already had a dwarf lemon tree planted, but we just got a dwarf kumquat and its already covered in yummy little fruits! The lemon tree has a lot of little buds on it, but its not yet got any fruit.

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For now a lot of what I have to do in my garden is wait. I mean I see how my radishes are a tiny bit bigger, and that my spaghetti squash is about to poke out its first leaves and get giddy with excitement, but cataloging every centimeter does not make for great blog posts!

My compost has gotten a little stinky, I think the product of a couple of things. One, I think its too wet, we’ve gotten a far amount of rain here (which is a big yay, seeing as California needs all it can get as far as rain) and plus its fairly moist here anyway. When I first started the compost it was really dry so I added water, and I think this act has come back to haunt me. The Second reason, I think is the fact I have a lot of greens, but not tons of browns. I just recently (when I first noticed it starting smell) added a lot of paper and leaves to the pile hoping that would help. I am now leaving the top open to air it out and I added some dry soil to the mixture to cover it and to hopefully absorb some liquid.

My compost bin is also getting very full! We are a veggie and fruit family so we have a lot to add to it. We have a corner of yard that can’t grow anything (the soil is basically clay impossible to dig into, and we have a HUGE rubber tree that shades it full time and also drops tons and tons and tons of leaves on it) that I am thinking about putting some scraps. I spent a good amount time digging to make barely a dent, but its a dent big enough it could be my overflow. I probably won’t really use any soil that comes out of there, but I just hate throwing away food scraps!

I can’t wait until more is happening my garden that I can share!