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Everything has been going great so far! I planted all my seeds over a week ago and they are all doing well. The ones doing the best are definitely the cucumbers and peas, here’s a picture of one of each of them.

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The lettuce and radishes are doing really well also. They still don’t look like much so I didn’t take picture. I’m working on a new project, of course, and I’m really excited about it! It still doesn’t look like much so I’ll wait to tell you all what it is when I have a picture.

My flowers came! They even sent me an extra pack of morning glories I didn’t even order! I already know where I want to put them which is in our front yard. I have started all of the seeds in a tray out in my yard but they all have long germination times so I won’t have sprouts for a little while.

I so many places I want to put the flowers and I can’t wait til they’re ready to plant! I’ll update again soon!