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If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ve heard of my lack of space and the side alley I have wanted to reclaim from the elements. I finally did! It took all the might of my dad and me, but we were able to clear all of the plants, or should I say weeds! Some of them were stacked two feet thick of just dead weeds on top of dead weeds. There were seriously so many weeds I could immediately tell I wouldn’t be able to use the soil that was there without having to go weed every two minutes. And these weren’t the nice slow attacking clover weeds either, these were large vine weeds.

The soil that was there really was not great looking anyway so I spent all day pushing it down to the lowest tier and tree base that would not be used for planting. After I had a good amount of depth I laid down newspaper and built up makeshift wall with the old pathway stones we had there. I want to add more dirt, but I went and got my last batch of dirt with my dad this time, and he didn’t believe me when I told him how much I would need, which is fine, Home Depot is on my way home from school.Displaying IMG_1262.JPG

The one in the back is big enough to hold three larger plants, especially since I plan to stagger them a little bit. I couldn’t go all the way back because there is concrete when you get close to the fence and that huge mound of dirt was basically a huge pile of broken concrete pieces I didn’t feel like dealing with. On the second tier there was a huge pipe in the way so I tried to make two levels to maximize the space. It’s all pretty janky, I  know, but it will hold plants and that’s all I need! There is another level I plan to utilize, hopefully making less a pathway and using more space, since it won’t have pipe in the way and is flatter to start out with.

I actually didn’t use all the soil I purchased here and used a couple bags in a planter I want to put sweet potatoes in but here is how much we bought.Displaying IMG_1260.JPG

I plan on getting more bricks for my makeshift garden to help reinforce and so I can make it deeper if I want to. I want enough room for my plants roots to get nice and big! I need to do some research on how deep plants roots are and on some companion planting tips before I figure out what I am planting where. I also, of course, have to finish the last space where I will be planting. I also want to look up and learn more about square foot gardening, I’ve seen a little bit about it, but not tons.

My flower seeds still haven’t come, which is pretty sad, I keep excitedly getting the mail only to be disappointed. But it’s okay because school has started and I have less time on my hands. I also need to plan things out, seeing as my main problem is continually space and yet I keep finding more stuff I want!

A small update on my compost: Compost is a somewhat slow process. I mean I knew this, but I still would like to see some progress. But I do know I am being impatient, especially because its just a trash can with holes in it, not some fancy thing. I’m still a little unsure about my ratios, and if I should add some soil to it or not. I added a little bit of the manure mixture I bought, but I want some just regular soil to put on top to keep down the flies, who are really enjoying the compost right now.