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So I’ve finally finished my garden space! Well finished is a relative term because I think I am always going to be improving and adding to things, but its finished enough I can use it! I even cleaned up the pathway back to it, so it’s not so much a dark alley and its much more inviting.

If you saw my earlier picture I had used some old walkway tiles to prop up the dirt and make my little planters, but I stopped at Home Depot (I have been there way too much) and got a whole bunch of 42 cent bricks to do my last plating area and reinforce the ones I already made. Hopefully everything holds up well and hopefully the planters are deep enough, which is really my only worry right now. Here’s what they looked like right after I finished them.

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After I did this, I wanted to measure out my garden and figure out where I was going to plant everything. I have been looking into square foot gardening a little and the first thing to do when doing that, is to measure out and lay out a grid of square feet. I tried to do all of the of the spaces, but the top ones were just too weirdly shaped for me to make the actual grid. The bottom one it seemed to work well.

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You can see all the stakes I used as a make-shift way to make the grid. They just didn’t work for the upper tiers and I ended up taking them all out but I left all the ones in the bottom. When reading about square foot gardening it said you need really nutrient rich soil. I’m hoping my mix of manure, potting soil, and regular soil with be enough for this. One of the common ways to add nutrients is using compost. I am really hoping my compost will start to be ready somewhat soon. I know it will be at least two months, but that would be fine timing, as it would be mid growing season for me and an awesome time to add it as mulch.

Along with fixing the planting area, I fixed up the pathway along the house to the area. If I’m going to be walking this path a lot I want to want to walk it! Here are the before and after pictures: (they are different angles, but obviously same space)

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The stones are old and were just buried under dirt and leaves from the tree. It took me using the shovel to be able to uncover them and move them around but I did it!

After cleaning up this space its awesome to go back there! It’s so much nicer, and there is no more ducking under the tree to get to the back. I’m planing on adding more stones as a path next to the planters, but since that’s purely cosmetic I’m not going to worry about it. The next thing to do is to plant!