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Hello everyone, it’s time to talk about some of the plants I have already planted. As I said in my first post, I started by planting some vegetables from Home Depot. They were Broccoli, Cauliflower, and Brussels Sprouts. They are cool weather plants which is why they are being sold this time of year. Although I do worry the fact that it has been fairly warm may not be great for them. Since planted, they have grown some, but none have really been doing well.

As I said before I planted these before I really decided that gardening was something I really wanted to do. That means it was before I knew how important soil was. The soil they’re planted in is pretty much the only soil in our yard and has definitely had no nutrients put in it, even though its been planted in many times before and had lots of nutrients taken out. Now that I know more about soil I know why nothing we planted here ever did well, including these veggies I just planted.

When we got the soil for the containers, I took the compost/manure mix and put some around the base of each and they seem to have perked right up!

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This space, as you can see is not the greatest of all places to plant, but it works, even though I desperately need to fertilize these plants (more)! There is also all those annoying tubes that were part of a drip system my dad made a long time ago. I would like to eventually utilize this but right now I don’t really want to mess with it too much.

Other than these veggies, I am also trying my hand at some fruits. Strawberries are just about one of my favorite things and figured they shouldn’t be too hard to not screw up. I also wanted to try making this very cool planter I found on Pinterest.

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     Here’s the link because her’s looks just about a million times better and is also a bird bath! I forgot to get the big pot at the bottom that is supposed to anchor the whole thing! Silly me! But all in all I love this because it uses the vertical space, saving a lot of the space I wouldn’t have otherwise. It was also cheap, the terracotta pots are pretty darn cheap and a four foot stick of rebar is also cheap.

     So now onto the flowers! I as I have said, probably too many times, I get a lot of my info and ideas off of Pinterest, but this one, not so much. As you have probably heard, bees are disappearing. People think a lot of it is because of certain types of pesticides that are now being used, but also because they have lost a lot a land that they used to live on, and used to be full of wild flowers that they got pollen from. Bees are an integral part to our lives, even though a lot of people think of them quite negatively.

     Even though you might have been stung by a bee in your life, its time to forgive and forget and help them out! A lot of the food you eat is able to be grown and picked because of bees and other pollinators making it possible. In fact, on a lot of the sites I have been looking at they advocate enticing bees to your garden to help increase yields and ability for the plants to produce fruits.

     This is why I ordered a bunch of of flower seeds that are all flowers bees love! And you should too, even if you just plant a few, you will be helping out!

     Here’s a link with an awesome blog that has tons of info on what you should do in your garden.


Also, I have throw this in here:Displaying IMG_1244.JPG

This is my little gardening partner Maggie. She’s a little dog we rescued about a month ago who is just a little sun bathing goddess! Remember, always adopt and not buy! And if you can, adopt a less desirable breed like a chihuahua or pit bull.