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So when I last left off it was with the realization, I needed to learn a lot more! So that’s what I’ve been doing pretty much since the day I planted. Pinterest is a huge source of my knowledge, it has just about everything about gardening, plus tons of cool and cute ways do everything in your garden!

The very first thing I saw and latched onto was the idea of a compost bin. I have always been big on environmental friendliness, so this idea seemed huge to me! So I went and got a trash can, drilled some holes in the side (yes I am very handy with a drill, girls can be handy too) and started to fill it up.

Every site you read, which just type in composting in any search engine (especially Pinterest’s)  and you will have an abundant amount of information. You may find, of course as I did, not all the information really agrees. Some of it is on little stuff, like whether or not wood ash can go in a compost bin, which to me, really doesn’t matter seeing as I have very little wood ash to deal with in my life. But others, like how long it will take to compost, if you should add soil or not, if you should drills holes in the trash can you purchased, they all have a different opinion.

So I picked through it all and have made some choices as too what is in my bin:

  • Yes I drilled the holes, everyone said you need air, and holes mean air to me
  • There was a lot about green and brown items, you have to balance it, 50/50 according to almost all websites, so I did my best.
  • A lot of sites said you should put some branches and sticks in the bottom of your compost, we had just trimmed back some huge and unsightly lantana, so I added the sticks. Of course now I read maybe that may not have been the best idea since they take a very long time to decompose.
  • When it comes to green waste (sticks are brown) I didn’t have a ton readily available. I hadn’t been planning this out and saving is up so I just had a few strawberry tops, eggshell, and coffee grounds.

I think my ratios are my biggest problem, I still have a lot of dry stuff. I added in leaves and trimmings that were definitely more juicy than the sticks (which I did cut up to be small) but other than that, not the wettest thing. Of course moister is very important, and hopefully as I collect and add more green waste from my house, I will get more. Also my bin isn’t super full, which I think could be a slight problem, again that is just solved with time.

Now that my compost is set up (and hopefully composting), it was time to move onto actual plants! And to have you plants you need space, and as I said before, space is not something I have much of.

When running errands with my mom, we found some great cheap plastic planters at Costco (pictured below). They are two feet in diameter which seems like it would plenty big, especially because we got four, but its not as big as you think. When looking on the back of most seeds they want you to plant them at least 24 inches apart! That’s the size of one planter, which means just four large plants!

Displaying IMG_1230.JPGSo in my quest for space I went to our dark corner dungeon. Okay its not a dungeon, it actually gets a lot of sun, which is great for plants! There are just two problems: One, to get to it you have to crawl past a huge tree, and two, its completely over run with some kind of ground cover plant. Just look at all that space! This is a view from my front yard over the fence, there was huge spiderweb preventing me from actually getting back here past the tree.Displaying IMG_1231.JPG

I plan on using my dad here again to trim the tree and help me clear out the monstrous amount of plants in this space.

So that’s the end to of the beginning of my story! Now that I know where I’m going to plant everything, I just have to do the actual planting! Hopefully you’ll keep reading and follow along with me on this journey!