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So I am brand spanking new to the wide world of gardening! Some recent events in my life led me to this interest, and decided to dive in head first. I started out by buying the small starter plants they sell Home Depot in the vegetables they happened to have available, which were bush beans, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and cauliflower.  As I have now learned, these are all cool weather vegetables, which why they are available for purchase in January.

But let me start from more of beginning, and let you know more about me, and where I live:

I am 19 years old living with my parents in a beach town inside of Los Angles. Our backyard has a pool, which sounds cool, but until you realize that means we have no grass or really any plant planting space, only concrete! Which, sucks if you’re looking to garden. I  have celiac disease, which means I cannot eat gluten (wheat, barley, and rye). I am currently attending junior college with hopes to transfer to UCLA, get my bachelors and then a teacher credential. I may just end up going to Long beach or CSUN though, I mean a teacher is a teacher, who cares how fancy the school is they went to.

Every year around this time, or maybe a little later in the year, me and my dad look at each other and say, our back yard looks like crap; let’s fix it! And every year we go get different plants and flowers to fill the few places to plant we have and then once its all planted we move on and never touch it again.

Never weed, nor water, nor pay any damn attention to what we just planted. Which is what ends up leading us the next year to say it again and repeat this stupid cycle. This year I’m changing it.

The problems we have always faced are time and laziness. My dad works a pretty high up job at a pretty well known famous company here in LA and doesn’t get home until late every night, and really has no time to spend in the yard taking care of things. Me, well I was in high school before college, obviously, and certainly had time. I think the laziness was mostly on me.

Well after going through some intense, personal things this past year, and battling depression because of them, I decided to devote myself to things that would make me happy. One day I decided to go outside and see if there was anything I could to do to make it better out there, and it caught a hold of  me. I ended up being out there over three hours that first day cleaning things up and getting ready to start my garden wonderland.

The only problem was, one: I am just over five feet tall, and there is a lot of things are extremely hard, borderline impossible when it comes to physical takes in a overgrown undertaken care of yard. And two: I didn’t any plants or soil, or anywhere to plant these plants I didn’t have.

So I enlisted my dad’s help again for this year on the weekend when he would be free (so long as it was before or between football games of course). It was truly amazing the things he could just do in like two seconds that I spent an hour failing at. It was also so helpful! We went to Home depot and bought a whole ton of plants, including the early mentioned vegetables.

We have thin strip of dirt right next to our fence on the other side of the concrete slab that is our yard that had just been completely covered in weeds. It had at other times grown tomatoes,  but not for a little while now. We also had a lot of rather shabby clay pots left by the houses previous owner that I decided to utilize at well.

It’s been a while since I planted them and they seem to be doing fine, I figure I could go more into it in my next post, seeing as this is more of an introductory post.

After this I got more of the garden bug than I already had and tried to start looking up and absorbing all the information that I possibly could. Of course this meant learning I already made mistakes and learning if I wanted to get really into it , I would need to learn and buy a lot more.

More on my next post! This one is already way to long!